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21 April 21, 2016

4 ways to make everyday Earth Day


Earth Day: Create a healthy body & a healthy earth Happy Earth Day! While it can be entirely overwhelming to consider all the problems facing the Earth, small shifts that you can make each day to live a more conscious, environmental and healthy lifestyle can have ripples! So start now with a little drop of [...]

20 April 20, 2016

Seasonal allergies, naturally!


I went into a local drugstore yesterday to pick up a box of tissues for my clinic office. There is usually a huge assortment of tissues with a ridiculous amount of decisions to be made: box colours, ply options, to lotion or to not. So imagine my surprise when there were just four boxes left [...]

28 March 28, 2016

5 Tips for National Nutrition Month


It’s National Nutrition Month! Doesn’t it seem like these days everyone has a different opinion of what optimal nutrition is? There are endless blogs, Pinterest pages, Instagram and Twitter feeds dedicated to paleo, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free diets. Should you be cutting carbs? Increasing protein? Banning sugar? Needless to say, navigating nutrition in the 21st [...]

16 March 16, 2016

Trail Mix Oatmeal


Today I'm excited to share the recipe for my Trail Mix Oatmeal! I had this oatmeal every day last week alone. Yup. I went there. Seven times! Do you ever find those songs you just can't get enough of so you listen to them on repeat until you hope you'll never hear them again? This is the [...]

29 February 29, 2016

Stress: How to make a change!


Do you know the most common concern I hear during my time with patients? It's these 3 (well...3.5) words ... "I'm so stressed." Stress is having a huge impact on society and something that I am addressing with my patients on a daily basis, especially with our corporate wellness work. When you are stressed, you [...]

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