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Upcoming Events with the Local Health team:

We believe that connection is an integral part of health, so getting out in the community and sharing our knowledge and services is very important to us. From community events, to workshops, to retreats, you’ll find the Local Health team out in the community throughout the year. Below is a list of upcoming events with more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events

Natural Thyroid Support

Are you or someone you know struggling with fatigue, foggy thinking, weight gain and/or hair loss? These could be signs that your thyroid gland is under-functioning. Join Dr. Fiona Smulders, Naturopathic Physician at the Local Health Integrative Clinic, for an interactive talk on natural treatments for hypothyroidism to get you feeling your best!

  • Wednesday, November 8th @ 6pm

  • Trout Lake Community Centre

  • Price: $5



Do you have an event that you think we’d be a good fit for? We love helping out at conferences, athletic events, community gatherings and more. Drop us a line!