Do you know the most common concern I hear during my time with patients? It’s these 3 (well…3.5) words …

“I’m so stressed.”

Stress is having a huge impact on society and something that I am addressing with my patients on a daily basis, especially with our corporate wellness work.

When you are stressed, you aren’t just feeling stressed. You are putting yourself in a “fight or flight,” or sympathetic state, where the body sends its energy to the limbs so that you could quickly get away from the stressful situation. When you are stressed, you draw energy away from your digestive system, which can trigger a whole host of digestive concerns like acid reflex, IBS, bloating, gas and abdominal pains. When you are stressed, you are more likely to develop insomnia, anxiety, depression or just feel tired! Often times, these symptoms are occurring with stress at the root of it all.

I am helping people address their stress daily through naturopathic medicine. With the goal of “treating the root cause,” I not only help people modulate their stress responses so that they aren’t getting burnt out, but help to get to the root of their stress so that they can really make lasting changes.

Check out this great infographic with 11 Statistics on Stress at Work and how to make a change:

19 Frightening Workplace Mental Health Statistics