21 April 21, 2016

4 ways to make everyday Earth Day


Earth Day: Create a healthy body & a healthy earth Happy Earth Day! While it can be entirely overwhelming to consider all the problems facing the Earth, small shifts that you can make each day to live a more conscious, environmental and healthy lifestyle can have ripples! So start now with a little drop of [...]

4 ways to make everyday Earth Day2016-04-21T22:13:51-07:00
20 April 20, 2016

Seasonal allergies, naturally!


I went into a local drugstore yesterday to pick up a box of tissues for my clinic office. There is usually a huge assortment of tissues with a ridiculous amount of decisions to be made: box colours, ply options, to lotion or to not. So imagine my surprise when there were just four boxes left [...]

Seasonal allergies, naturally!2016-11-13T21:28:51-08:00
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