23 February 23, 2017

Fermented Carrot Pickles


I've got another great fermented recipe for you this week! Fermenting your own foods is a delicious and cost effective way to add some probiotics into your diet. The benefits of eating probiotic rich foods are endless and we are only just beginning to understand why these foods are so amazing for our neurological, immune, [...]

Fermented Carrot Pickles2017-02-27T11:29:10-08:00
22 February 22, 2017

Understanding Your Anger


Understanding Anger by Sara Lewis- Registered Clinical Counsellor Anger can be a primary and adaptive experience. There are many situations in life when anger is the healthy and appropriate way to respond, such as when your physical or emotional boundaries are violated. Because anger is a powerful emotion, it is helpful in these circumstances when [...]

Understanding Your Anger2017-02-23T12:34:18-08:00
16 February 16, 2017

Mexi Sweet Potato Hash


I think this recipe might be my new favourite way to eat sweet potatoes! Spiralizing the sweet potato gives it an interesting texture and also allows it to cook faster. This recipe is a great weekend breakfast option served with some scrambled eggs & toast or a dinner side dish. Just be sure to make extra [...]

Mexi Sweet Potato Hash2017-03-21T15:18:53-07:00
15 February 15, 2017

Top 5 Common Herbs to Boost Your Immune System


Top 5 Common Herbs to Boost Your Immune System by Dr. Fiona Smulders, ND The cold and flu season is almost at an end, but for those of you who are still struggling to fight off the last remnants of your cold or flu, here are some common herbs that help boost your immune system, [...]

Top 5 Common Herbs to Boost Your Immune System2017-03-21T15:26:24-07:00
9 February 9, 2017

Chocolate-Cherry Valentines Day Smoothie


Do you sometimes feel left out on holidays and celebrations that revolve around food and treats because of your dietary restrictions? So many of our holiday traditions place an emphasis on sugary treats and/or alcohol which are both major no-no’s for people like myself who living with an autoimmune condition. (The symptom flares these foods [...]

Chocolate-Cherry Valentines Day Smoothie2017-03-21T15:13:14-07:00
7 February 7, 2017

5 Tips For a Better Sleep


By Jenny Abel, R.Ac The Importance of Sleep Before Midnight: An Acupuncturist Perspective Sleep after midnight is just not the same as sleep before midnight.  For our body to function at its highest potential we need to be in a deep nourishing sleep before 11pm, so getting to ​ ​bed by 10pm is ideal. In [...]

5 Tips For a Better Sleep2017-03-21T15:09:18-07:00
2 February 2, 2017

Zucchini Noodle Pho


This is not a traditional Pho recipe....but it's autoimmune protocol friendly, extremely delicious, and makes use of the homemade broth recipe that I posted last week. To learn more about some of the healing benefits of home made bone broth and for a simple recipe check out last weeks post Slow Cooker Bone Broth. A [...]

Zucchini Noodle Pho2017-03-21T15:24:24-07:00