Honouring What You’ve Always Known

by Jandy Anderson Dalian Method Facilitator

I remember lying awake in my room at night as a small child trying to understand the nature of the universe. I knew there was something big inside of me, something powerful and magical that could create something beautiful. I thought about the Christian god I learnt about in Sunday school and pictured an old man sitting around in the clouds and it didn’t make sense to me. I thought about death and the idea that one day your life will be over and you just won’t exist anymore. That didn’t make sense to me either. I felt like I would always exist forever, like my existence would go on even after my body died. One day, I asked my mom about where I came from and she looked startled and uneasy and didn’t say anything. A few days later, she left me a children’s sex-ed book on my bed.

Like many children, I started out in life connected to my magical and eternal nature, but I didn’t meet any adults I could talk with about these things. Instead of learning how to trust the nature of my magical, eternal being, I started to believe the same kinds of false beliefs my parents believed about themselves. My light started to dampen as I had experiences and drew conclusions like I’m all alone, I’m not good enough and nobody likes me.

Even though there were lots of good things about my life; for example, I did well in school and had a stable family home, I felt like the most important things in life were missing from the way me, my family and the whole society around me was living. I had trouble connecting socially and was deeply unhappy. I didn’t know what I could possibly do to make things better because I was only a child and I didn’t have the maturity and authority I needed to explore the options in the world. So I came up with a nifty idea. I sent a message to my older self, my adult self. I sent the message through time and space into the future. Please older self, one day you will be old enough and strong enough to find a way to deal with these problems, you’ll be able to find that important thing that’s missing from the way this life is and learn how to be happy. Don’t forget to do this work, don’t forget to help me with the deeply unhappy feelings I’m having right now.

I made a pact between my adult self and my child self to never forget and to do everything that I could to turn things around, once I had the ability.

When I was 23, on my younger brother’s urging, I booked an appointment to meet a mystic named Mada Dalian for a Dalian Method session. To be honest, I didn’t really know why I was going to see her, but I thought I’d go along with it since my brother wanted me to go so badly. He’d been so enthralled with these healing sessions he’d had with her and had been telling me about it for a while.

That first session with Mada was a profoundly transformational experience. Mada used her Dalian Method to guide me totally beyond my conscious mind to uncover and express thoughts and emotions from painful memories from my childhood that I had repressed so much that I had believed they didn’t happen. I had no idea that the beliefs I’d formed from these experiences were the cause of my unhappiness. Through the Dalian Method, I got a chance to say things that I never had permission to say when I was a little girl. Once the thoughts and emotions were expressed, I used my breath to release them out of my body and permanently erase them from my cellular memory. Once they were released, I was able to remember the magical connection to my eternal being that had gotten suffocated and pushed down from believing things that aren’t true about myself and the nature of existence. Through the DM, Mada showed me how to connect to my inner truth, strength and joy and then anchor my awareness all throughout my body all the way down to my feet. She didn’t give me any answers, instead, she showed me how to access the answers that were already there inside myself.

After that first session with Mada, my life totally changed. My life choices started coming from a deeper, truer place, from beyond my mind. I had connected with my inner knower and it became so obvious to me that I would never be happy unless I learnt to be myself. As a result of this awareness, the things in my life that didn’t support this quest into self-knowledge fell away, effortlessly. I began to align myself with the most important quest of life, finding out who I am!

This was it! I’d found a way to start the work I’d promised my child self I’d do. I was one of the luckiest people in the world. Somehow, I’d had the incredible fortune to meet one of the most powerful people on the whole planet, Mada Dalian, and to experience her advanced healing method, the Dalian Method.

In the coming years, I became one of Mada’s students and devoted myself to her masterful guidance, taking every single course that she offered. I knew that the work with Mada was the most important thing I could do with my time and energy.

Then, in 2008, my life changed dramatically. It was a gorgeous day in July. My friend, Sandy, and I decided to enjoy the warm, sunny day outside on the second floor communal balcony of my apartment building.  When we closed the door, it unexpectedly locked behind us. We were trapped. We called for help but no one heard us. There was a fire escape ladder mounted on the wall of the building. Using it seemed the best way out of the predicament. I opened the hinged door and stepped onto the ladder. I looked at Sandy and said, “I feel dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.” I lost consciousness and fell backwards all the way to the ground. Terrified, Sandy rushed down the ladder, thinking I may have died. TBlood was dripping from my head and body began to convulse. Sandy was quick to call the ambulance and stabilize me.

I have little memory of my accident or of the time following it, but when I came to in the hospital I learnt that, from this fall, I’d shattered my T12 vertebrae into more than 30 pieces, cracked open my skull and sustained a traumatic brain injury. I’d been vomiting blood and my family and friends were by my side day and night as they had been told I might die. A couple of days after my accident, I had spinal surgery so that I could walk again.

It might sound strange, but when I woke up in the hospital, my first instinctive interpretation of what had happened was that I had experienced a miracle and had been given a gift. Although my body was injured and I was weak, nauseous, and felt pain in my spine, I was inexplicably peacefully inside and knew that I was and would be, fine. What troubled me most however, was a stabbing pain in my head. It was like a hot arrow alternately hitting my forehead and the top of my head from the inside.

Fortunately for me, five days after my accident, Mada came to see me in the hospital. I’ll never forget the first thing she said to me that day in the hospital. She smiled and said, you look great! Very few people would have said that, as on that day, I looked terrible physically. I had a ghastly black eye and looked very pale and weak. But Mada could see beyond my physical state. The sense that my consciousness had expanded from receiving such an amazing gift of life was visible to her.

My headaches started again, while I was talking with a nurse, who came to check on me. Without hesitation, Mada knew exactly what to do and how to help me. She looked at what was repressed in my energy and did a quick DM session with me on the spot. Within minutes I realized that due to other people’s concerns and fears, I was repressing my inner knowingness that I was okay and had nothing to worry about. With Mada’s help, I was able to openly verbalize the awareness of my inner well-being. I had been withholding this awareness from others due to my fear they would not understand me. Once I verbalized out loud my inner awareness that I had nothing to worry about, Mada then helped me anchor it in my body and feet.

The stabbing head pain stopped as soon as she finished working with me, and to this day, I have never had the pain again, not even once. The disabling impact of such a devastating injury could have lasted for years, or perhaps even my whole life, if it had not been for Mada’s treatment. I went on to recover with extraordinary ease and speed without the need of any medications, to the amazement of my family, friends and medical team.

When I went for my follow-up appointment with my neurologist, 3 months after my accident, he too was surprised by the speed and progress of my recovery. In particular, he could not believe that I no longer had headaches. He questioned me about this, saying that statistically, everyone has headaches from this type of injury. I told him about the quick healing I received from Mada’s method. He was intrigued by the extraordinary results he saw from an unconventional method and said, ‘Well, maybe she knows something we don’t.” I thought to myself, “Yes, she absolutely does, and isn’t it wonderful that you’re open to that possibility!”

Recently, I trained with Mada as one of the Facilitators of her Self-Healing Dalian Method. I became a DM Facilitator, because I want other people have access to this advanced, life-saving, life-changing method.

This method is critical to the awakening of human consciousness that is happening all throughout the world. People are starting to, more than ever, question the status quo and look for a better way of living. Deep down we know that we’re living in a disconnected way, there’s a fire inside that wants to wake up and claim the freedom, joy and awareness that is the birthright of each and every one of us. Mada’s healing method gave me the greatest gift of my life, access to my own inner awareness. It is my great joy and privilege to help others also access the tremendous benefits of this method.

The Dalian Method will help profoundly with any problem whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Practicing the Dalian Method will improve the quality of your relationships and your ability to be successful in your career and with money. It will show you how to permanently remove the root cause of self-sabotaging beliefs from the cellular memory of your body and connect with your inner joy and freedom so that you can live your life with authenticity, aligned with your inner truth, your heart and your soul’s purpose.

Jandy Anderson is a Dalian Method Facilitator and offers appointments at Local Health Integrative Clinic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click here to book an appointment with Jandy.