Health Benefits of IV Therapy

Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, delivers vital nutrients directly to the cells that need them. The nutrients delivered by IV therapy completely bypass your digestion system and enables your body to use the vitamins, minerals and amino acids immediately to help repair tissues, increase energy production and replenish deficiencies.

It has become increasingly more difficult to take in all the nutrients that our bodies need to function at its best due to changes in agricultural practices, an increase in digestive system disorders and a reduced consumption of organic whole food. Because of these changes in the way we consume food today, nutrient deficiencies are on the rise and are contributing to many of the chronic health conditions we see today. IV therapy is a quick and efficient way to reverse nutrient deficiencies and bring your body back to optimal health and wellness.

Here are a few examples of the health benefits of IV therapy:

1. Increase Energy: 

IV therapy supplies your body with an immediate influx of cofactors that enable your enzymes to function at high speed.

2. Boost the Immune System:

IV therapy includes high doses of vitamin C and antioxidants that help your body directly attack viruses and bacteria to help you get through the cold and flu season.

3. Support Organ Function:

The cells within your organs need certain nutrients in order to function at their best. For example, IV therapy supplies the body with B-vitamins, zinc and selenium to help your thyroid gland produce thyroid hormones and improve symptoms of hypothyroidism.

4. Reduce Stress:

Your adrenal glands take the brunt of stress and when they fall out of balance they can cause fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances, blood sugar imbalance and sensations of feeling “wired but tired”. IV therapy delivers vitamin C, magnesium and B-vitamins directly to the adrenal glands to help them recover from daily stress and nourish them back to balance.

5. Improved Sport Performance:

IV therapy supplies your muscles with the nutrients that they need to heal and regenerate from a tough work-out. IV therapy can help increase recovery time and improve endurance.

If you would like to experience the health benefits of IV therapy, you can book an appointment with me at Local Health Integrative Clinic to help kick start your health recovery!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Fiona

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