21 March 21, 2018

One Diet for All?


One Diet for All? By Jacqueline May Conte, CNP With all the conflicting information out there on what’s best to eat, it can be really difficult to know which advice to follow. We’re in an age of information overload and it can be easy to give up when we feel confused by conflicting research and [...]

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12 March 12, 2018

You Are Not What You Think


You Are Not What You Think by Jandy Anderson, Dalian Method Facilitator The other day I was walking home, gazing at the pristine snow on the ground and enjoying the sunshine. As usual, I was analyzing my day. I was thinking about some positive feedback I got from a colleague and I noticed my mind [...]

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7 March 7, 2018

Food is Medicine


Food is Medicine by Jacqueline May Conte, CNP I bet you’ve heard the famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Hippocrates had it right, but somewhere along the line we forgot this brilliant bit of truth. After decades of producing and consuming processed, refined foods out of ease (and comfort), [...]

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2 March 2, 2018

Turmeric Ginger Shots


Turmeric Ginger Shots SERVINGS: 4 TIME: 10 minutes TASTE: Spicy & Tangy ACTIONS: Immune-Boosting INGREDIENTS 1 large orange 1 medium lemon 1-1.5 inches ginger root 1-2 inches turmeric root 1-2 dashes ground black pepper 1-2 dashes cayenne pepper *add as much or as little of the roots and spices as you prefer (within the [...]

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