Do You Need A Spring Detox?

by Jacqueline May Conte, CNP

Spring is upon us and with it all the beautiful blossoms and promises of warmth soon to come. How do you feel coming out of winter? There’s no need to feel guilty for any indulgences you enjoyed or time you took away from taking care of yourself, but now is the time to assess where you’re at and prepare your body and mind for the next 3-6 months. It’s time for a Spring Detox!

Like any change in life, you need some time to mentally adjust to new schedules, new activities and new projects that come your way, and your body is no different. It takes time and patience and you may not be ready to detox for summer quite yet. Here are some things you can do now to identify what your body needs before jumping into a spring detox:

Listen to Your Body

What is it telling you? What do you feel? Which thoughts and feelings keep ruminating in your head right now? Which foods are you craving? You know what you need. Intuitively connect to that. Try sitting still in a quiet place with no distractions and your eyes closed. Start deep breathing and as you breathe ask yourself how and what you feel, where in your body you feel that emotion, sensation, or craving, and what it’s telling you to do. After 5-10 minutes of discovery, write down what you felt and get clear on your next steps moving forward.

Clear your Schedule

You’ve been in one routine for the past few months that was best set up for your winter habits. Do you need to take a look at your calendar and make room for the things you want to accomplish now? The best way to do this is to look at what’s most important to you and shift your schedule to reflect your new mindset. This means removing the things that aren’t serving you anymore and setting boundaries around the things that need to be done, like work, so you have designated time to dedicate to yourself to achieve your goals. Make time for the things you need to focus on most, even if its 5 or 10 minutes each day.

Discover your Physical Barriers to Detoxing

In preparing for a detox, your body needs to release any burden it’s been harbouring. This means relieving any mental stress and anxiety, but also understanding where the stagnant areas are in your body. You can’t clear out the gunk if there’s nowhere for it to go. How does your skin look? How are your bowels moving? Do you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day or after certain meals? Is your brain a bit foggy? Become aware of how well equipped your body is to let go of what it needs to in order to function optimally.

Make the transition easy. Discover what state your body is in right now and soon you’ll be prepared to regroup and reset for the warmer months. Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will teach you some key ideas behind detoxing, should you feel you need it, but if you’re ready and want to start the work now, book an appointment with me to set up a diet and lifestyle plan that will optimize your health during this seasonal shift and set you up to enjoy the summer months ahead.

Join us on Wednesday, April 11th at 12:30pm PST when our resident Holistic Nutritionist, Jacqueline, will be hosting a Facebook Live discussing How to Make the Most of Your Spring Detox! Don’t miss your chance to learn how to customize your detox plan, and to ask her your questions LIVE.

Jacqueline Conte is a Holistic Nutrionist and offers appointments at Local Health Integrative Clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Click here to book an appointment with Jacqueline.