3 Surprising Benefits of Strawberries

by Jacqueline May Conte, CNP

It’s strawberry season!! Who’s excited? I know I am. I’ve already bought and froze many a strawberry for smoothies and jams, cut them fresh for salads, and saving some seeds to grow my own plants! Can you tell they’re one of my favourite fruits?

Aside from being a beautiful, bright, delicious fruit, strawberries have a multitude of health benefits. They’re especially high in vitamins B12, C & K, silicon, and manganese, to name a few. If you find yourself craving this tantalizing fruit, don’t avoid it. Eat it until you’re sick of it, because you just may need it. After all, it’s only around for a few weeks a year.

Below are 3 of the many hidden benefits of this multi-purpose fruit:

NSAID Alternative

If you experience pain from inflammation, such as headaches, joint pain, or bloating, try eating strawberries instead of taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen or aspirin. The high flavonoid content of this fruit makes them great at decreasing inflammation while avoiding the potential side effects of drugs.

Digestive Aid

If you experience abdominal pain and swelling from poor digestion, try eating a handful of strawberries before your meals to prevent the digestive upset. Their ability to generate body fluids can support the digestive system by promoting the secretion of digestive juices responsible for proper digestion.

Tooth & Gum Strengthener

Though you’d never think to do it, rubbing the flesh of a strawberry onto your teeth and gums can help to strengthen them, while also removing tartar. Leave on for 45 minutes, rinse with warm water to remove, then smile with all your pearly whites!

Try bulking up on strawberries while they’re in season. Add them to smoothies, granola, homemade jam, eat them alone, or freeze for future use. If you’d like to incorporate this powerful fruit into your diet while it’s in season, book a session to discuss how it – and other foods – can help you heal. As a reminder, my Spring Detox Special is only on for two more weeks, so book your appointment today!

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