Physical Pain is Never Only Physical

By Jandy Anderson, Dalian Method Facilitator


“Health is a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with age, illness or even the health of the body or mind. Whether you are aware of it or not, every step you take towards healing is a step towards consciousness. Everything you do in life is part of your healing journey towards discovering the ultimate health of your being.”

~ Mada Eliza Dalian, creator of the Dalian Method


The other day, my partner Matt had a headache. Wanting to help him, I said let’s look in to your headache to see what thoughts and feelings are connected with the headache. He seemed a bit irritated at this suggestion and said, “I just think it’s only physical.” The implication of what he said was that if something has a physical cause, processing thoughts and feelings would not be relevant to healing the pain.

I’ve known for a long time that the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels are inseparable and deeply interconnected and that the healing processes from every kind of issue draw on all these facets of ourselves. But to be honest, I’ve often felt stumped as to how to convey this to others as many people are quite convinced that the only way to address a physical issue is through a physical remedy.

But in this moment, at home on our couch, it became so clear to me how to explain it. I said, “It’s never only physical. Even if something is caused by a physical issue, the healing process from that physical symptom requires your energy to move freely throughout your mind/body/spirit system. The thoughts and feelings that you have repressed and held inside are stuck in your body and energy field and they are inhibiting your healing process.”

I then guided Matt through a process of using a short version of the Dalian Method to directly release the thoughts and feelings that were connected to his headache. At first Matt wasn’t able to identify any thoughts or feelings that were connected to the pain in his head, he could only feel the physical sensation. I used the Dalian Method techniques to guide him to identify and release the thought patterns and feelings that were actually stuck there in his head.

This brief Dalian Method intervention enabled the energy flow in his body and head area to be restored to a freer and more open state. Importantly, this also immediately made his headache feel better. Not only did his headache feel better, but his whole mood lifted and relaxed and the dynamic between the two of us softened as well. As a result, we ended up enjoying a beautiful and loving day together!

I wanted to write about this to share the important understanding that physical pain is never ‘only physical’. Every part of you is connected and it is impossible to isolate your physical self and physical state from your thoughts, emotions and spiritual energies. The Dalian Method is an advanced evolution in healing for many reasons. One of them is because it works directly with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously. The Dalian Method was created by a modern day Buddha and master healer, Mada Eliza Dalian, who I’ve studied with since 2001. To find out more about the Dalian Method and for a complimentary consultation visit our website:

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