Take the Quiz! and Enter to Win a Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

This month at Local Health you can take part in the following quiz about lymphedema. By participating in the quiz you can enter a draw to win a free 45 minute Manual Lymph Drainage massage with Carlie Hickson, RMT.

You can take the quiz while waiting for your appointment at the clinic (Check out the lymphedema display in the waiting area). Or you can take the quiz from home! If you are taking the quiz at home, you can email your answers to us. Please be sure to include your full name with your answers.

You can enter the draw until March 31. If you win, you will get a celebratory email on April 1!

If you are unsure of your answer, you can look to our social media posts or the links posted below each question.

Good luck! And thank you for helping us to raise awareness about lymphedema and lymphatic diseases.

1. The estimated number of Canadian affected by lymphedema is

    1. 10 000

    2. 300 000

    3. 700 000

    4. 1 million or more

Canadian lymphedema experts estimates this number is rising within Canada.

2. For those who have lymphedema, there is an increased risk of developing infections in the skin:

  1. True: There is a serious risk of developing an infection because the health of the skin is impacted by the condition. It is extremely important to have this awareness as infections can spread and pose a serious risk to the health of those with lymphedema.

  2. False: there is no risk

3. There is a risk of developing lymphedema after having breast-cancer treatment.

  1. True: Breast cancer affects the lymph nodes of the lymphatic system. Therefore, after treatment for breast cancer such as mastectomy or radiation, the lymphatic system may be damaged. This increases the risk of developing lymphedema of the arm. Lymphedema can also happen as a result of other types of cancer that affect the lymphatic system such as melanoma, prostate, or lymphoma.

  2. False: There is no risk.

4. The risk of developing lymphedema following surgery for cancer is

  1. Minimal

  2. Lifelong

  3. Only during the first few years after surgery

 5. Lymphedema may also develop due to:

  1. Surgery

  2. Physical trauma

  3. Obesity

  4. Venous disease

  5. Immobility/disabilities that require one to be in a wheelchair

  6. All of the above


Manual Lymph Drainage practitioners can provide both treatment and education for those at risk of developing lymphedema or for those who already have the condition. Here at Local Health Carlie Hickson, Registered Massage Therapist is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage treatment. Please inquire if you would like more information on lymphedema or the treatment.