by Jandy Anderson

It is easy to feel grateful for those who support, validate and encourage us. But what about those who judge, criticize and don’t give us what we want?

The truth is that, on the deepest level, all of life is supporting us. Those who judge or criticize may seem to be enemies. But be careful of this illusion. Because it is just that – an illusion.

The judgements and criticisms of others are reflecting those same qualities inside yourself. By their actions, your critics make it possible for you to see what is hiding deep in your own shadows.

Through seeing that which has been hidden, you have the opportunity to transform it.

Everything that comes into the light of day shines.

Don’t try to superficially be grateful to people who treat you in a way that doesn’t feel good. I do not recommend forced or artificial gratitude.

However, when you come to truly understand, accept and release what was brought to the surface through any experience, you will feel genuinely grateful.

It will arise spontaneously. Just as the sun rises in the morning. Just as the grass grows by itself.

If you do not feel grateful, if you feel anger, resentment, hate, fear, or anything else, do not struggle with it. Just accept it as it is. Let yourself feel it. Let yourself express it out-loud. Every single thought and feeling you have has a wisdom behind it. That wisdom can only be accessed by allowing all experiences. Then the tremendous magnitude of consciousness has space to awaken within.

As you transform these darker aspects of your mind and emotions; as the clarity of consciousness anchors more deeply in your body; you will look around and discover that you somehow have many more people around you who just treat you like the magnificent being you truly are.

Photo credit Kathy Anderson

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