15 February 15, 2021

Perhaps Responsibility Is The ONLY Path To Freedom


Perhaps Responsibility Is The ONLY Path To Freedom by Jandy Anderson The phrase: ‘take responsibility’ echoed through my childhood. Responsibility in our house meant doing your chores. It meant turning off the TV. It meant not complaining. In retrospect, I am impressed and grateful that my parents ‘harped’ on this significant statement. And yet, I think [...]

Perhaps Responsibility Is The ONLY Path To Freedom2021-02-15T12:37:54-08:00
10 February 10, 2021

Understanding Burnout


Understanding Burnout by Dr Amy Pelletier It’s been a long year and more and more I’m hearing patients talk about feelings of exhaustion, both emotional and physical. Long periods of chronic stress can leave us feeling burnt-out, drained, and unable to tackle the unavoidable stressors of life. Is this a normal stress response or is [...]

Understanding Burnout2021-02-10T10:28:05-08:00
4 February 4, 2021

Trigger Point Injection Therapy


Trigger Point Injection Therapy w/ Dr. Alexa Chichak, ND What are trigger points? Trigger points are what most people call ‘knots’ in muscles- small areas of tightness located within a muscle fibre. Trigger points can cause discomfort, tightness and pain referral. What is trigger point injection therapy? Trigger point injection therapy involves injecting a small [...]

Trigger Point Injection Therapy2021-02-04T12:23:55-08:00
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