15 March 15, 2021

Breathing: Am I Really Doing it Wrong?


Breathing: Am I Really Doing it Wrong? by Dr. Amy Pelletier, ND Excerpt: Harnessing our breath can be one of our most powerful tools for stress and anxiety, but are we doing it correctly? How can breathing actually make a difference in how I feel? If there is one thing I tell my patients on [...]

Breathing: Am I Really Doing it Wrong?2021-03-15T14:06:24-07:00
3 March 3, 2021

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk


Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk by Dr. Alexa Chichak, ND As a naturopathic doctor, botanical medicine is a therapy I use with almost every patient. Botanical medicine can come in different forms: tinctures, which are highly concentrated botanical extracts; capsules, which contain powdered forms of herbs and are usually compounded with other herbs; teas, which we custom [...]

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk2021-03-03T15:57:31-08:00
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