Local Health is team of dynamic and passionate healthcare practitioners whose goal is to create healthy and happy people and community through their services. We are accepting new patients at our Commercial Drive location and look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr. Robyn Land
Dr. Robyn LandNaturopathic Doctor & Clinic Owner
Dr. Amy Pelletier
Dr. Amy PelletierNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. Alexa Chichak
Dr. Alexa ChichakNaturopathic Doctor
Kelsey Ellis
Kelsey EllisRegistered Holistic Nutritionist
Jenny Abel
Jenny AbelRegistered Acupuncturist & Herbalist
Jill Truscott
Jill TruscottRegistered Acupuncturist
Sachiell Ricketts
Sachiell RickettsRegistered Massage Therapist
Tanner Chichak
Tanner ChichakRegistered Massage Therapist
Shelby Hyndman
Shelby HyndmanRegistered Massage Therapist
Nicole Scott
Nicole ScottRegistered Massage Therapist
Rayna Milne
Rayna MilneRegistered Massage Therapist
Myriame Lyons
Myriame LyonsRegistered Clinical Counselor
Sara Lewis
Sara LewisRegistered Clinical Counselor
Julia Hyslop
Julia HyslopRegistered Clinical Counselor
JandyDalian Method
KirstinClinic Manager