Carlie Hickson

Registered Massage Therapist

Carlie’s passion for understanding how the human body experiences the world we live in brought her to her career in massage therapy. Through the process of addressing her own health challenges, she found that a deeper understanding of her body was an imperative part of improving her health. As a massage therapist, she hopes to support others to experience an improved state of health and find a connection to their bodies as well. Each treatment she provides is unique and tailored to meet her patient’s specific needs. She incorporates a variety of manual therapy modalities including myofascial release, manual lymph drainage, scar tissue treatment, Swedish massage, gentle joint manipulations and muscle energy technique. She also aims to integrate therapeutic movement and exercise, education about the human body, and suggested self-care practices that empowers her patients to take charge of their health outside of the treatment room.

Carlie is fascinated by the complex dynamics of women’s health and has taken additional training to be able to integrate this knowledge into her manual therapy practice. She provides pregnancy and postpartum massage therapy, breastfeeding/chest feeding support, breast massage, post-mastectomy treatment, and treatment for the digestive system. She has a special interest in supporting people throughout the continuum of pregnancy and into the “4th trimester” or postpartum period. (This includes partners!).

Carlie is a certified Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Practitioner under the International Dr. Vodder School of lymphatic drainage and combined decongestive therapy. She took this training because she wanted to provide care for those who have cancer or are survivors of cancer. MLD is a manual technique that can help to relieve symptoms of lymphedema, a complication that results from some types of treatment for cancer. In addition to addressing post-cancer symptoms, she realized that MLD has many other powerful effects on the body and now uses this style of treatment to address a variety of other health conditions or concerns. Please see our page about the many benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage massage. 

Carlie loves learning and is constantly updating her education and manual skills. Here are a few of the most recent courses she has completed:

Breastfeeding for HealthCare Professionals: Douglas College

(90 hours course in providing breastfeeding support)

Massage Therapy During the Childbearing Year

Part 1: Pregnancy

Part 5: Post Cesarean Section Scar Release

Part6: Breast Treatment

Female Pelvis: Female Issues (Myofascial and visceral manipulation)

Digestion Treatment (Myofascial and visceral manipulation)

Visceral Manipulation: Introduction


Monday 3:30pm-9:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am-4:00pm


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