21 March 21, 2019

5 Tasty Recipes to Start Your Day!


The Importance of a Warm Breakfast & 5 Tasty Recipes to Start Your Day! by Jenny Abel, Registered Acupuncturist   Eating something warm and solid for breakfast is important in Chinese Medicine. It strengthens your digestion, boosts your metabolism, and provides nourishment and sustainable energy. If you skip breakfast it can actually weaken your digestive [...]

5 Tasty Recipes to Start Your Day!2019-03-21T14:37:06-07:00
17 October 17, 2017

8 Tips for Happy, Healthy Poops


Happy Healthy Poops: 8 Tips to Better Your Digestive Health Everybody poops. Yet, we don’t often talk about it, even though we all know how satisfying it is when you have an enjoyable experience on the toilet. Growing up with a mom who is a nurse, I had my fair share of “poop” talks - [...]

8 Tips for Happy, Healthy Poops2017-10-17T15:34:20-07:00
9 September 9, 2017

Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark


Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark I recommend cutting out sugar to a lot of my clients as it contributes to candida overgrowth and other digestive issues, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other behavioral issues in children. With all of the healthy natural whole food and sweetener [...]

Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark2017-09-09T13:07:40-07:00
2 September 2, 2017

Turmeric Squash Smoothie


Turmeric Squash Smoothie Turmeric is my favourite medicinal super food and I'm always looking for ways to get it into my diet. This smoothie recipe is my new favourite way to get my daily dose of turmeric. It also makes for a delicious way to get a few servings of fruits and vegetables which is [...]

Turmeric Squash Smoothie2017-09-05T14:49:30-07:00
2 August 2, 2017

9 Tips for Pain Free Periods


9 Tips for Pain Free Periods By Jenny Abel, R.Ac. Painful periods (dysmenorrhea) impacts as many as half of menstruating women! Many think that having cramps is a normal process; however, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cramps reveal that there is an imbalance occurring in the body. Here are 9 tips to have pain [...]

9 Tips for Pain Free Periods2017-08-02T16:28:31-07:00
6 July 6, 2017

Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir


Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir Last week, I walked you through how to make your own homemade almond milk that's free of additives and preservatives. This week I am going to share a simple method with you that will allow you to turn that homemade almond milk into a super food that's full of beneficial probiotic [...]

Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir2017-07-24T12:54:19-07:00
4 July 4, 2017

8 Tips for a Healthy Brain


8 Tips for a Healthy Brain By Jenny Abel, R.Ac. A healthy brain is key to mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Little adjustments now can make a big difference to our lives and greatly impact the way we age. Here are 8 tips for a health brain– ways to improve memory, focus, mood, sleep, and [...]

8 Tips for a Healthy Brain2017-07-04T11:34:44-07:00
16 June 16, 2017

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Acupuncture


5 Commonly Asked Questions About Acupuncture By Jill Truscott, Registered Acupuncturist at Local Health Integrative Clinic 1) “Does acupuncture hurt?”  I hear this question in clinic very often! One of the big misconceptions about acupuncture, is that because there are needles involved, it must hurt. However, acupuncture is practically painless! The needles we use are [...]

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Acupuncture2017-06-16T15:01:21-07:00
12 June 12, 2017

Natural Treatments for Brain Fog


Natural Treatment for Brain Fog What is Brain Fog? We have all experienced moments of brain fog, whether it’s trouble recalling a word, difficulties concentrating or just feeling like everything seems difficult or tiring. Experiencing few fleeting moments of these symptoms is a normal part of everyday life, but when it starts to occur more [...]

Natural Treatments for Brain Fog2017-07-31T11:38:27-07:00
9 June 9, 2017

Acupuncture: What Can It Treat?


What Can Acupuncture Treat? By Jenny Abel R.Ac. and Jill Truscott R.Ac. What can acupuncture treat? That is a great question!  As Registered Acupuncturists at Local Health Integrative Clinic we are often asked this: “what can acupuncture treat”?  Are there studies to back it up?  The scope of what acupuncture treats is very wide and [...]

Acupuncture: What Can It Treat?2017-06-09T11:58:40-07:00
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