2 March 2, 2018

Turmeric Ginger Shots


Turmeric Ginger Shots SERVINGS: 4 TIME: 10 minutes TASTE: Spicy & Tangy ACTIONS: Immune-Boosting INGREDIENTS 1 large orange 1 medium lemon 1-1.5 inches ginger root 1-2 inches turmeric root 1-2 dashes ground black pepper 1-2 dashes cayenne pepper *add as much or as little of the roots and spices as you prefer (within the [...]

Turmeric Ginger Shots2018-03-02T14:58:03-08:00
21 October 21, 2017

Cheezy Cauliflower Casserole


Cheezy Cauliflower Casserole This weeks 'cheezy' cauliflower casserole recipe actually doesn't contain any cheese at all but definitely still has the warm comforting effect of a traditional mac n' cheese casserole. It contains a few simple whole food ingredients and is super easy to whip up. I served this at my family's thanksgiving meal and [...]

Cheezy Cauliflower Casserole2017-10-21T13:28:47-07:00
21 September 21, 2017

Beets n’ Greens Smoothie


Beets n' Greens Smoothie Being the last day of summer today, I thought it would be a good day for one last smoothie recipe before the mornings become too damp and cold for smoothies. I love having a smoothie for breakfast because it's quick, easy, I can drink it on the go, and most importantly it [...]

Beets n’ Greens Smoothie2017-09-21T14:27:38-07:00
9 September 9, 2017

Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark


Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark I recommend cutting out sugar to a lot of my clients as it contributes to candida overgrowth and other digestive issues, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other behavioral issues in children. With all of the healthy natural whole food and sweetener [...]

Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Hazelnut Bark2017-09-09T13:07:40-07:00
2 September 2, 2017

Turmeric Squash Smoothie


Turmeric Squash Smoothie Turmeric is my favourite medicinal super food and I'm always looking for ways to get it into my diet. This smoothie recipe is my new favourite way to get my daily dose of turmeric. It also makes for a delicious way to get a few servings of fruits and vegetables which is [...]

Turmeric Squash Smoothie2017-09-05T14:49:30-07:00
13 July 13, 2017

Kale Chips


Kale Chips Kale Chips are my absolute favourite way to eat kale, I could easily eat a whole bunch in one sitting when I eat it like this! So if you have a friend or child who is anti-green things I highly recommend you give this recipe a try because even people who are not [...]

Kale Chips2017-07-24T12:56:34-07:00
6 July 6, 2017

Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir


Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir Last week, I walked you through how to make your own homemade almond milk that's free of additives and preservatives. This week I am going to share a simple method with you that will allow you to turn that homemade almond milk into a super food that's full of beneficial probiotic [...]

Chocolate Almond Milk Kefir2017-07-24T12:54:19-07:00
18 May 18, 2017

Fermented Pineapple Salsa


Fermented Pineapple Salsa BBQ season is here and this recipe along with your favourite rice, corn, or bean chips makes an awesome BBQ side. This salsa also pairs nicely with white fish, tacos, or fajitas. It's a healthy, summery salsa that is fermented and contains probiotic bacteria. For more information on the health benefits of eating [...]

Fermented Pineapple Salsa2017-07-31T11:44:08-07:00
11 May 11, 2017

Coconut Kale Mango Smoothie


Coconut Kale Mango Smoothie This weeks recipe is a delicious tropical smoothie that will hopefully help you forget about this rain! This recipe calls for 1/2 can of coconut milk but you can also use a full can and omit the water, I just find I like the texture better when I use less coconut [...]

Coconut Kale Mango Smoothie2017-07-31T11:46:25-07:00
27 April 27, 2017

Love Your Liver Juice & Juicing Tips


Love Your Liver Juice As you can see I'm on a bit of a juicing kick right now...Spring is a great time of year for juicing as the warmer weather allows us to tolerate cooler foods without creating imbalance in the body. Juicing also helps to cleanse and recharge the body which is needed after [...]

Love Your Liver Juice & Juicing Tips2017-08-08T12:01:17-07:00
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