Our Clinical Counsellors  Michelle Ziegler, RCCRobbie Ruddell, RCC and Julia Hyslop, RCC, can help you see things more clearly, to reduce confusion and help you to make effective decisions and change that promote wellness.

About Clinical Counselling:

Clinical Counselling is the process that occurs when a client and counselor set aside time in order to explore challenges that the client is facing. The counselor’s role is to help the client see things more clearly, reduce confusion, and make effective decisions and changes that promote wellness. The goal is always to facilitate positive change.

Counselling is built on a foundation of trust. Confidentiality and non-judgement is integral to the counselling relationship.

Reasons why it may be helpful to speak to a Counselor:

  • You want to speak to someone who is unbiased and confidential
  • You want to understand why you tend to react or behave a certain way
  • You want to gain insight into your values and motivations, in order to make fully informed decisions
  • You are going through a difficult life transition and need some support or coping techniques
  • You have experienced a traumatic event, and are struggling to move on
  • You are feeling weighed down or stuck, unable to move forward
  • You feel you are losing your ability to control your substance use or eating habits
  • You want to develop more insight in order to grow as a person

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