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Release what limits you with our Dalian Method Facilitator Jandy

About the Dalian Method:

The Dalian Method, is like a map for the quickest route home, home to your true self. It is a precise system that guides you to quickly see and release the root causes of what limits you so that you can live your fullest expression.

The Dalian Method was created by Mada Eliza Dalian who is a master healer, luminary and best-selling author. She has dedicated her life first to her own liberation and then to helping others become more conscious and free.

In her first book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing Into Consciousness, Mada says, “the more we repress what is true and natural, the more we suffer.” The repressed thoughts and feelings, held from past experiences in the cellular memory of our bodies, cause suffering.

The Dalian Method works on a three step system of: inhalation, out loud verbal expression and exhalation with your mouth open through different parts of your body. Through a session you will be able to access, release and permanently erase many layers of unconscious thought patterns and emotions repressed in your body’s cellular memory. You will dissolve the energetic blocks that cause chronic pain and disease, balance the inner male and female energies throughout your body, bring forth your consciousness, learn to trust your inner voice, create a shift in your perception of reality, find your inner power, strength and freedom and experience the peace and joy of your magnificent being.

The Dalian Method has been used to help people with their healing processes related to many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues including:

  • mental health issues
  • grief and loss
  • fear and uncertainty
  • chronic pain and disease
  • injury and trauma
  • addiction
  • digestive issues and weight problems
  • sexual issues
  • low energy
  • welcoming peace, inner stillness, trust and joy
  • forgiveness/opening the heart
  • relationship issues
  • career and money issues

About Your Appointment:

Initial Visit:

An initial Dalian Method session lasts 3 hours and, while session results are immediate, there’s an important integration process following a session which is typically 1 – 3 months long. All sessions start with a detailed explanation of what the Dalian Method is and how it works. ​Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.

​You will be given a recording to listen to of your session. It’s important to listen to this after your session in order to deepen your understanding and nurture the transformation you experienced.​

​There are books and recordings by Mada Eliza Dalian that you can purchase with your session in order to practice the Dalian Method at home and further your understanding.

Subsequent Visits:

About 1 – 3 months after your first Dalian Method session, you will be ready to go deeper with another session. Your subsequent visits will be similar to your initial visit except there will be less time spent describing the Dalian Method and you will be more familiar with the techniques of the method and therefore you will typically be able to use the method more effectively and have a deeper experience of healing. Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.

Find Answers to Your Own Questions- Intro Session:

Do you have a question that you really need to find an answer to? Trying to make a big decision or gain insight on an important matter, but aren’t clear what path to take? Jandy now offers one hour sessions to both new and experienced clients with the Find Answers to Your Own Questions (FATYQ) version of the Dalian Method. The answers to your questions are already within you, but normally we look outside of ourselves for the answers. At other times, we try to look inside for the answers but there is too much confusion and inner contradiction to find a clear answer. This version of the Dalian Method will guide you through the steps to quickly cut through the inner confusions and conflicts and find the answer to your question inside yourself. Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.

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