Emma Hogan


Reiki Practitioner

Passionate about energy healing and holistic practices, Emma found herself drawn to the ever-calming and profound intelligence of Reiki Energy healing. And after leaving the treatment table of her first session, she knew she had found her soul’s calling.

She received her first and second Reiki attunement in 2013. Her Reiki journey led her to receive her third attunment for Western Reiki from Myorei Healing in Vancouver BC. After a few years she then was invited to join Gendai and Komyo Reiki, which has been her ongoing lineage she brings into her practice today. In December 2020 she took her practise to the next level and achieved Gokuikaiden (Reiki Level III/Master Teacher) Highest level of Gendai Reiki Ho.

Always a student first, Emma attended Langara College and received her Holistic Aromatherapist Practitioner certificate in 2015. She employs Essential oils as plant medicine aiding in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Depending on the session for her clients, she may infuse her work space and sessions with the, not only pleasant smell, but healing benefits and aromas of essential oils. She loves oils and incorporates them in all of her holistic healing practices.

If you can’t find Emma aiding her clients online or with in-person sessions, making oil blends, or moving freely on her yoga mat you might find her typing or journaling away her latest thoughts and work.

When it comes to working with Emma, you can always count on receiving an open, calming, and healing experience. She is real, intuitive to your needs, and won’t shy away from anyone who seeks the energy and aromatherapy work she provides. Her healing journey and life experience allows her to be passionate and compassionate to all who seek her insight. Though she never takes herself too seriously, she will always approach you and your healing journey wholeheartedly.


Mondays 3:30pm-8:00pm


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