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About Homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a 200-year old medical system that uses highly diluted amounts of substances derived from plants, animals and minerals to treat disease. In homeopathy the entire emotional, mental and physical state of the person is considered as a pattern to match to the appropriate remedy. Homeopathy is a deep acting modality that is particularly effective for mental health concerns including mental and emotional disorders as well as physical ailments. Homeopathic medicine is gentle and effective, and administered in liquid, pellets or complex combined remedies.

About Your Appointment:

Initial Visit:

Your first visit is 90 minutes in length and involves a comprehensive homeopathic intake and an in-depth assessment of mental, emotional and physical concerns. After the visit you can expect a highly customized treatment plan with homeopathic medicines in addition to other supporting naturopathic treatments. This initial visit includes a complimentary 15 minute phone follow-up to monitor first response to a remedy.

Subsequent Visit:

Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes in length to review progress and evaluate your response to the homeopathic remedy and other supporting naturopathic treatments. Your treatment plan will be reassessed as you are closely monitored and fully supported in your healing journey.

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