Dalian Method Facilitator

journey inward
dive deep within your body, your psyche
release what limits you
live your fullest expression

My approach to healing starts with the understanding that each person has, within, the inner intelligence needed for health and wellbeing. I support clients to quickly and profoundly deepen their access to this innate intelligence through facilitating the Dalian Method.

In 2008, I had a serious accident and incurred a traumatic brain injury and a shattered vertebra in my spine. I was told by my spinal surgeon and my neurosurgeon that I would have lifelong chronic pain and progressive disability from this injury. After my initial hospitalization, spinal surgery and rehabilitative consultation, I was offered no therapies or treatment options through the western medical system to address my pain and other issues, other than pain medication which I did not want to take. Not one to back down, I undertook chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic and massage therapies. These really helped me to relieve my pain, but the pain always came back. I was told I would need lifelong treatments to address my pain.

In the end, it was the Dalian Method that enabled me to achieve complete recovery from these injuries. Now, nearly 10 years after the accident, I am (and have been for many years) 100% free of pain and have no limits to my mobility or my mental/emotional functioning from this injury. I do not use medication, take supplements or receive regular treatments to sustain this result as the wellness is stable within my body/mind system. The depth of healing I’ve experienced from this method has compelled me to want to share it so that others can also overcome pain and limitations in the way I have.

The Dalian Method is truly unique. It is like a map; a precise system that guides you through a series of steps that enable you to see and release the root causes of what limits you so that you can live your fullest expression. The Dalian Method is often particularly valuable for those who have tried other therapies and are still not attaining the results they are looking for.

I have used the Dalian Method to help people with their healing processes related to many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues including:

  • mental health issues
  • grief and loss
  • fear and uncertainty
  • chronic pain and disease
  • injury and trauma
  • addiction
  • digestive issues and weight problems
  • sexual issues
  • low energy
  • welcoming peace, inner stillness, trust and joy
  • forgiveness/opening the heart
  • relationship issues
  • career and money issues

An initial Dalian Method session lasts 3 hours and, while session results are immediate, there’s an important integration process following a session which is typically 1 – 3 months long. Subsequent sessions are 2.5 hours long. Follow-up support is included with the sessions.

If you’d like to find out more, please book in for a complimentary consultation. I’d love to hear about the issues you’d like support with, tell you more about how the Dalian Method works and give you an idea of how I can help you attain your health and wellness goals.

More about me:

Since 2001, I’ve studied intensively with Mada Eliza Dalian, master healer, best-selling author and creator of the Dalian Method. I am one of a small group of people Mada has personally trained to facilitate her healing method with others. I have also completed the year and half long Active Meditation and Group Facilitation training program with Mada. In addition to practicing the Dalian Method, I bring a background of more than 15 years of experience working for government, non-profit orgs and privately in a variety of roles including as a mental health worker, life coach, person-centred planner, yoga and meditation instructor, and group facilitator. I have a degree from SFU from their Integrated Studies Program, where I graduated with distinction. I’ve also completed a Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement at SFU.


Every 2nd Saturday 5:00pm – 8:00pm


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“Jandy is gentle, yet very clear in her guidance. She knew just when to say something and when to give me space. I appreciate her ability to sense into the subtle realms and to share what she is seeing and feeling with me. There is no question how present I felt Jandy was during the session. I could feel Jandy’s attentiveness to multiple levels of awareness at all times. Jandy carefully chose when to share with me. When she did, it always brought what I was sensing to a deeper place. She validated much of what I know and was feeling, allowing me to go even deeper.” -A.B.

“Jandy brought an incredible laser insight into what was happening for me, and gently guided me when I felt stuck, facilitating a very profound shift, different from doing DM on my own. Jandy clearly went over my action steps and helped me make SMART action steps, very achievable. I am very grateful to Mada for creating this and to Jandy for facilitating this, the gift of getting to know myself, it is the best gift ever. There is no comparison to anything else. The DM gets to the root, the real root, and creates a lasting profound shift in all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have never experienced anything that is as a complete and total shift like the DM is.” -J.A.

“Jandy was an excellent guide and facilitator. This was a transformational session, I am changed through my awareness and encountering my fears. It was a gift. DM is incomparable in the depth of awareness achieved through the methodical expression of emotions and long held pain, fears, beliefs, all exposing the inner truth of my being.” S.A.