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Kirstin Jarosiewicz

Life Coach & Clinic Manager

Kirstin Jarosiewicz has successfully completed the Life Coaching program at Rhodes College, and is Clinic Manager at Local Health Integrative Clinic.

After seven years in the wellness industry focusing on healing of the body and soul, Kirstin is excited to embark upon a new journey to assist others as a certified Life Coach.

Kirstin’s extensive background includes developing and executing retail/ office management and coaching programs to foster growth and dedication amongst individuals/teams. She has successfully mentored, created and tailored individual development processes to help people reach their best potential. The dedication, guidance and tools Kirstin naturally brings to relationships propels others forward confidently in the right direction they are seeking.

Kirstin’s philosophy is that life is an extraordinary adventure where we have not one, but many possibilities and paths we can choose and find success and happiness. She believes that the journey begins with a positive and open mind, the willingness to believe that you can overcome fears and create the life you desire.

Kirstin is excited to work with everyone but specializes in:
– goal setting/ achievements
– career changes
– personal relationships
– assisting in increasing your self confidence and easing anxiety while working towards your goals

In her free time you can often find Kirstin hiking through forests reveling in and appreciating nature, practicing yoga or creating unique furniture and wood pieces as she is also an avid woodworker.

Kirstin looks forward to meeting with you to assist you in creating the change you desire!


2nd Tuesday of the month 5:30pm- 7:30pm


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