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Upcoming Events with the Local Health team:

We believe that connection is an integral part of health, so getting out in the community and sharing our knowledge and services is very important to us. From community events, to workshops, to retreats, you’ll find the Local Health team out in the community throughout the year. Below is a list of upcoming events with more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events

Joyful Rebellion Workshop- Self-Healing Dalian Method Workshop

Join Jandy, Dalian Method Facilitator to awaken your consciousness, claim the joy and freedom that is inherent within each of us and dismantle the shackles of old beliefs that hold that joy back from expressing freely.

What should you expect from this workshop?

In this workshop you will:
– release old limiting beliefs that block your joy
– gain insight into how to bring more joy and love into your life
– awaken your inner power
– learn how to use a revolutionary self-healing system, the Dalian Method
– learn how to decode what your body is telling you through physical symptoms
– deepen your meditation practice and your understanding of presence
– experience new meditation techniques that use movement and expression in order to detoxify the body and mind so that you can rest in a meditative state more easily

  • Sunday May 19th

  • Reflections Books

  • 1111 Austin Ave, Coquitlam BC



Do you have an event that you think we’d be a good fit for? We love helping out at conferences, athletic events, community gatherings and more. Drop us a line!