As primary healthcare practitioners, our Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Robyn Land and Dr. Wendy Romano will help to address your health concerns to help you optimize your health & wellness.

About Naturopathic Doctors:

In British Columbia, Naturopathic Doctors are licensed healthcare providers under the province’s Health Professions Act and function much like a general practitioner. However, with the wide scope of practice, ND’s always aim to “treat the whole person” and “treat the cause” of any health concerns. We hold undergraduate degrees followed by 4-years of rigorous training at 1 of 7 accredited schools in North America, are strictly regulated, and are required by law to follow a specific scope of practice.

About Your Appointment:

Initial Visit:

Your first naturopathic medicine visit will consist of an in-depth intake. This is an opportunity for us to learn all about your health history, current concerns and goals. From this information, we will start to develop a comprehensive plan to work toward achieving these goals. Our goal is to always meet you where you are at and create plans that are sustainable and serving to optimize your health.

Subsequent Visit:

Depending in your health concerns, subsequent visits can vary from ongoing treatment, to seeing you in a month or two to touch base and refine plans. Each person’s health and health needs will be different and the plans that we create are as varied as you are! Follow-up visits are usually 30-minutes in length, but can be shorter or longer depending on treatments.

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