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Local Health Integrative Clinic

Commercial Drive Clinic offering Integrative Healthcare

Local Health Integrative Clinic is excited to carry on the 15-years of integrative healthcare offered in their location (formerly Catalyst Integrative Health). Our goal is to offer outstanding, inclusive and welcoming care to help create healthier, happier people in the community. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to optimal health!

Our Services:

As Medically Trained, Naturally Focused primary healthcare practitioners, our Naturopathic Doctors will help to address your health concerns to help you optimize your health & wellness.

In British Columbia, Naturopathic Doctors are licensed healthcare providers under the province’s Health Care Professions Act and function much like a general practitioner. However, with the wide scope of practice, ND’s always aim to “treat the whole person” and “treat the cause” of any health concerns. We hold pre-medical degrees followed by 4-years of rigorous training at 1 or 7 accredited schools in North America, are strictly regulated, and are required by law to follow a specific scope of practice.

Initial Visit:

Your first naturopathic medicine visit will consist of an in-depth intake. This is an opportunity for us to learn all about your health history, current concerns and goals. From this information, we will start to develop a comprehensive plan to work toward achieving these goals. Our goal is to always meet you where you are at and create plans that are sustainable and serving to optimize your health.

Subsequent Visit:

Depending in your health concerns, subsequent visits can vary from ongoing treatment, to seeing you in a month or two to touch base and refine plans. Each person’s health and health needs will be different and the plans that we create are as varied as you are! Follow-up visits are usually 30-minutes in length, but can be shorter or longer depending on treatments.

Using food to set the foundation for a healthy body and mind

Holistic Nutrition is an integrative approach to diet that considers the individual’s unique nutritional requirements and aims to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. While taking an individualized approach, a holistic diet always focuses on whole food and may include nutritional supplements, when necessary.

A Holistic Nutritionist is a professional trained in Applied Holistic Nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.

Although most people are aware of the benefits of sound nutrition, the range of conflicting information available to the consumer is often confusing. Holistic Nutritionists guide their clients through the maze of information about diets and supplements on the market. They work with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional imbalances that lead to disease and they are qualified to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health.

Below is a list of some of the tools your nutritionist may provide you to support you in meeting
your health goals:

• Specific diet recommendations, highlighting the foods that will be most therapeutic for you
• Personalized meal plans and recipes that emphasize your recommended foods
• Helpful tools, tips and resources to help you with the implementation of your dietary plan
• Nutritional supplement recommendations
• Lifestyle counselling, which will address areas of exercise, sleep and stress management
• Food allergy / sensitivity testing (when necessary)

Looking for Commercial Drive Massage Therapy? You’ve come to the right place! We have 6 great registered massage therapists here for you.

RMTsYour first massage appointment:

If it is your first massage appointment at Local Health, be sure to fill out your online intake form, which will be emailed to you directly when you book your appointment. A 60-minute appointment is recommended for your initial visit to allow adequate time for assessment and treatment and education/homecare.

Your massage therapist will take a thorough history of your health and current condition and will perform a detailed examination of the area of concern and your body as a whole. This may include range of motion testing, differential special testing and joint play, or any other tools that may help the massage therapist supporting your health. Assessment techniques and duration will vary depending on your condition or injury.

Prior to your massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort. As most treatments include the use of a lotion or oil, clients are generally treated unclothed. Our massage therapist uses a variety of modalities including swedish massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, manual lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, active and passive stretching, and will tailor your massage to suit your needs. If you have any questions about these techniques, don’t hesitate to ask.

In order to help maintain treatment results and eliminate perpetuating factors, your massage therapist may prescribe stretching or strengthening exercises, or may talk to you about changing your routine slightly to accommodate positive change in your body’s health. You and your massage therapist will work together to achieve optimal results.

Need a little pampering? We offer non-RMT services to help you relax and rejuvenate!

If it is your first body work appointment at Local Health, be sure to fill out your online intake form, which will be emailed to you directly when you book your appointment. At the beginning of your visit the body worker will discuss and decide with you which style(s) of massage should be incorporated into your treatment.

Relaxation Massage-

A relaxation massage helps de-stress and loosen up your body. The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage-

Using the following techniques: trigger point, myofascial release, active and passive stretching and joint play. Deep Tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

Ancient Technique…modern day applicability…

acupuncturistsAcupuncture is a 3,000-year-old healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process.

Along with acupuncture, registered acupuncturists may use ear seeds (that are placed on acupressure points in the ear) and cupping to relax muscles tension, decrease fascial adhesions and release trigger points.

Hundreds of clinical studies on the benefits of acupuncture show that it successfully treats conditions ranging from:

  • musculoskeletal problems (such as back, neck, shoulder pain)
  • nausea
  • migraine headaches
  • anxiety & depression
  • insomnia
  • infertility

Your first acupuncture visit consists of an in-depth intake to learn your health concerns and assess your wellness from a TCM standpoint. From this information, your acupuncturists will construct a protocol to address this concerns and create balance in your mind, body and spirit.

Each follow-up visit, will consist of a quick check in, assessment and treatment to continue to help you toward achieving your optimal health.

Explore the barriers that stand in the way of being the brightest you

Clinical Counselling is the process that occurs when a client and counselor set aside time in order to explore challenges that the client is facing. The counselor’s role is to help the client see things more clearly, reduce confusion, and make effective decisions and changes that promote wellness. The goal is always to facilitate positive change.

Counselling is built on a foundation of trust. Confidentiality and non-judgement is integral to the counseling relationship.

Reasons why it may be helpful to speak to a counselor:

  • You want to speak to someone who is unbiased and confidential
  • You want to understand why you tend to react or behave a certain way
  • You want to gain insight into your values and motivations, in order to make fully informed decisions
  • You are going through a difficult life transition and need some support or coping techniques
  • You have experienced a traumatic event, and are struggling to move on
  • You are feeling weighed down or stuck, unable to move forward
  • You feel you are losing your ability to control your substance use or eating habits
  • You want to develop more insight in order to grow as a person

The Dalian Method, is like a map for the quickest route home, home to your true self. It is a precise system that guides you to quickly see and release the root causes of what limits you so that you can live your fullest expression.

The Dalian Method was created by Mada Eliza Dalian who is a master healer, luminary and best-selling author. She has dedicated her life first to her own liberation and then to helping others become more conscious and free.

In her first book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing Into Consciousness, Mada says, “the more we repress what is true and natural, the more we suffer.” The repressed thoughts and feelings, held from past experiences in the cellular memory of our bodies, cause suffering.

The Dalian Method works on a three step system of: inhalation, out loud verbal expression and exhalation with your mouth open through different parts of your body. Through a session you will be able to access, release and permanently erase many layers of unconscious thought patterns and emotions repressed in your body’s cellular memory. You will dissolve the energetic blocks that cause chronic pain and disease, balance the inner male and female energies throughout your body, bring forth your consciousness, learn to trust your inner voice, create a shift in your perception of reality, find your inner power, strength and freedom and experience the peace and joy of your magnificent being.

The Dalian Method has been used to help people with their healing processes related to many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues including:

  • mental health issues
  • grief and loss
  • fear and uncertainty
  • chronic pain and disease
  • injury and trauma
  • addiction
  • digestive issues and weight problems
  • sexual issues
  • low energy
  • welcoming peace, inner stillness, trust and joy
  • forgiveness/opening the heart
  • relationship issues
  • career and money issues

Initial Visit:

An initial Dalian Method session lasts 3 hours and, while session results are immediate, there’s an important integration process following a session which is typically 1 – 3 months long. All sessions start with a detailed explanation of what the Dalian Method is and how it works. ​Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.

​You will be given a recording to listen to of your session. It’s important to listen to this after your session in order to deepen your understanding and nurture the transformation you experienced.​

​There are books and recordings by Mada Eliza Dalian that you can purchase with your session in order to practice the Dalian Method at home and further your understanding.

Subsequent Visits:

About 1 – 3 months after your first Dalian Method session, you will be ready to go deeper with another session. Your subsequent visits will be similar to your initial visit except there will be less time spent describing the Dalian Method and you will be more familiar with the techniques of the method and therefore you will typically be able to use the method more effectively and have a deeper experience of healing. Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.

Find Answers to Your Own Questions- Intro Session:

Do you have a question that you really need to find an answer to? Trying to make a big decision or gain insight on an important matter, but aren’t clear what path to take? Jandy now offers one hour sessions to both new and experienced clients with the Find Answers to Your Own Questions (FATYQ) version of the Dalian Method. The answers to your questions are already within you, but normally we look outside of ourselves for the answers. At other times, we try to look inside for the answers but there is too much confusion and inner contradiction to find a clear answer. This version of the Dalian Method will guide you through the steps to quickly cut through the inner confusions and conflicts and find the answer to your question inside yourself. Follow-up support and consultation is included with the session.


We are happy to be able to offer direct billing to many extended health benefit plans through Telus E-Health & Pacific Blue Cross. Please be sure to give our receptionists your benefits card when you first arrive to the clinic or include the numbers in your intake form so that we can process your claim quickly and easily for you!

  • Initial Visit: $175
  • 45-minute Follow-up: $125
  • 30-minute Follow-up: $85
  • 15-minute Acute Visit: $49
  • Bowen Therapy: $90
  • Naturopathic Acupuncture: $90
  • IV Therapy:
    Myers IV- $120
    Thyroid Support IV- $125
    Adrenal Support IV- $125
    General Immune Support IV- $125
  • Initial Visit (75 minutes) – $130.00
  • Protocol Discussion (45 minutes) – $90
  • Protocol Follow Up (30 minutes) – $60
  • Meal Planning Session (15 minutes) – $75
  • Complimentary Consultation (15 minutes)- $0
  • 30-minutes: $60
  • 45-minutes: $87
  • 60-minutes: $110
  • 75-minutes: $133
  • 90-minutes: $155

Treatments offered:
Relaxation Massage and/or Deep Tissue Massage

  •  *Special* 60-minutes: $60
  • 30-minutes: $50
  • 45-minutes: $72
  • 60-minutes: $94
  • 75-minutes: $108
  • 90-minutes: $127
  • Initial Visit (75-minutes) – $110
  • Follow-Up Visit (60-minutes) – $90


  • 3 treatment package ($85/session) – $255
  • 6 treatment package ($80/session) – $480
  • 10 treatment package ($75/session) – $750
  • Counseling Session (50 minutes) – $110
  • EMDR Session (80 minutes) – $130
  • Initial Visit- Dalian Method session: 3 hours, $280
  • Subsequent Visit- Dalian Method session: 2.5 hours, $250
  • Find Answers to Your Own Questions- Intro Dalian Method session: 1 hour, $100
  • Complimentary consultation: 30 minutes