Robbie Ruddell


Registered Clinical Counsellor

I take a holistic, integrative, and collaborative approach to supporting people along their healing journeys and am committed to offering a non-pathologizing and health-oriented approach to wellness. My practice acknowledges that we are all part of many complex systems – familial, cultural, social – and honours the impact that has on your health, especially with experiences of collective trauma including racism, oppression, and discrimination.

When I was young, my parents uprooted the family to Southeast Asia, an experience which has had a profound and lasting impact on the person I have become today. These early experiences spurred my interest in how privilege, race, and culture shape our continued understanding of ourselves in relation to one another and has ultimately informed my bio-psycho-social perspective on health. In addition, the discovery of my sexual identity led me to confront issues such as internalized homophobia and associated feelings of shame, low self-worth, and not being good enough. This ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance has played a crucial role in learning how to show up in support of others today.

I became a counsellor because I can’t imagine any greater purpose than to support others along their profound journey of self-discovery. As a queer-identified counsellor, I am sensitive to intersecting identities, aware of systemic oppression, and am inclusive of diversity. I offer a space that is trauma-informed, inclusive, and free from judgement. My work is deeply informed by the field of relational neuroscience, grounded in humanistic principles, and harnesses somatic/body-based healing practices.

It is only natural for us as humans to feel alone in our suffering, to move away from the pain by disconnecting from ourselves and disengaging from those around us. If you find yourself in dark forests, know that you are not alone and that every part of you is welcome in this space of unconditional acceptance, non-judgement, and compassion.

Healing Trauma & Addiction (Dr. Gabor Maté) – In Training
Returning to Wholeness (Dr. Gabor Maté) – In Training
Compassion in Therapy Training (The Awake Network) – In Training
Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals (PESI)
San’yas: Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (PHSA Indigenous Health Program)
Mindful Self-Compassion Program: Core Skills Training (Dr. Kristin Neff)
Healing Trauma Experientially – Level 2 (Trauma Informed Practice Institute)
Trauma and the Body – Level 1 (Trauma Informed Practice Institute)
Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples (Vancouver Couple and Family Institute)



Mondays 9:00am-1:30pm


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