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Shaina Loos

Registered Massage Therapist

Shaina’s calling to care for others started early. As a child, she loved babies and animals, and with three younger siblings, she was always mama’s helper with the little ones. This gift for nurturing others planted the seed to hold space for people via massage therapy. Even her first career as a chef focused on nourishment with healthy food. A back injury in Shaina’s early 20’s turned into chronic back pain, and led her to many therapies in a quest to heal herself. Massage and yoga were the practices that helped the most, and Shaina followed these paths to become both a massage therapist and a yoga teacher.

She attended the West Coast College of Massage in New Westminster, graduating in 2013, and has been practicing in Vancouver since then. During massage school, and in her practice afterwards, she noticed that some clients responded well to massage and healed quickly, but other people, including herself, had chronic tension and pain that was only helped temporarily by massage. She became curious about how to support longer-lasting results.

Through a variety of professional training and her own healing journey, Shaina has found that chronic tension and pain responds to a reassuring and gentle hands-on approach, with the addition of mindful movement and focused breathing. This way of working allows holding patterns to unwind naturally, and helps the nervous system settle and release stress.

Shaina’s massage practice aims to create a safe and welcoming space for all people, and she works slowly and mindfully, encouraging feedback and communication. She combines Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, Myofacsial Release, assisted stretching, and guided breathing and relaxation. She enjoys working with pregnant and post-partum parents, those recovering from car accidents and other physical trauma, chronic pain and headaches, and anyone who is curious about feeling more ease in their body.


Fridays 2:30pm-5:30pm


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“Loved the small and intimate space made to feel cozy and natural. They took insurance cards on the spot (Sunlife for me) so huge bonus! I saw Shaina who is there on Fridays only. She had definitely read my intake form closely and asked me about several things I had mentioned. This was nice because it showed me she took the time and truly cared about why I was there. Massage itself was firm pressure and she worked on where I said I needed it the most. Overall I found a very grounded experience, tried my best to let my stress slip away. Easier said than done! I’ve booked another in 3 weeks.” -CM