Telehealth Video and Phone Appointments

Optimal health and wellness is a proactive measure you can focus on maintaining during these times. Local Health is here to support you! To continue care we are able to offer the following services from the comfort of your home, by video or phone:

  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Clinical Counselling
  • Holistic Nutrition

*Please make sure you specify on your booking if you prefer a video or phone appointment:*

A quick guide on how to connect to your telehealth appointment through jane:

Starting your telehealth video appointment:

  1. Please have your device ready 10 minutes before your appointment
  2. Check you email, our jane booking system will automatically email you a video link prior to your appointment. You can also access your video appointment from your Local Health Jane app account page.
    Windows, mac or android device- click the link provided and your video call will open in your web browser (google chrome is preferred)
    iPad or iPhone- have the jane online appointments app installed on your device, and click the video link to start

Get started on your journey to optimal health…

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