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Our Naturopathic Doctor & Bowen Therapy practitioner Dr. Fiona Smulders will help to address your health concerns to help you optimize your health & wellness.

About Bowen Therapy:

Bowen therapy is a relaxation technique that helps your muscles and nervous system unwind and release tension. After the body experiences an injury or trauma, the nervous system often stays in a protective mode maintaining tension and rigidity within the muscles and joints to prevent further injury. This is beneficial short-term but can cause chronic pain and tension if sustained. By contacting specific areas of the body, the bowen technique will allow your nervous system to release the tension within the muscle tissue and allow relaxation and tissue repair.

Bowen therapy has shown great benefit for:

  • muscle pain and tension joint pain
  • arthritis
  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  • insomnia and anxiety

About Your Appointment:

Initial Visit:

*For your first visit you must book an Initial Naturopathic Medicine appointment with Dr. Fiona Smulders.* This visit will consist of an in-depth intake, giving Dr. Smulders an opportunity to learn all about your health history, current concerns and goals. A shortened Bowen Therapy treatment will be given during your first visit.

Subsequent Visit:

For your subsequent visits, each session is 60 minutes long and allows you to drift into a relaxed state while lying comfortably on our cushioned tables.

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